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Chapter 848 Surviving The Lightning

  • “Oh my God! Why is there lightning and thunder out of nowhere? This is too scary! Let's wait in the house!”
  • “No way! It looks like a God's tribulation. Oh my goodness! Get into the house! The lightning looks way too scary! I think anyone who is hit by the lightning will definitely become shreds!”
  • “Is that caused by the Five Lightning Talisman of Leight Sect? The opponent must be super strong for them to resort to using it!”
  • “No matter how strong he is, he'll surely die after that lightning!”
  • The chatter continued among Leight Sect. However, no one dared to get close. Normally, in this kind of situation, the wise would choose to stay in their homes. Only the unwise would get close to see what was going on.
  • Young Leighton, head of Leight Sect, heard the thunder from Five Lightning Talisman even when he was training at home. He opened his eyes when he heard the sound.
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