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Chapter 847 You Will Surely Die

  • The three talismans were given to Vladimir by Young, and it was one of the two precious weapons of Leight Sect. The strongest weapon was Nine Lightning Whip in Young's hands, while Five Lightning Talisman was the second strongest.
  • The reason Vladimir decided to use such a precious weapon was that he felt he might lose his life if he didn't use it, especially after Alex landed the blow on Demetrius. In the end, he used it with the hopes of ending Alex's life.
  • Vladimir's guesses about Alex's strength were confirmed after seeing how Alex endured the three lightning strikes. If Demetrius and I continued to attack like how we did earlier, there's a big chance that we'll become dead bodies by now. His body is so terrifyingly strong! Could it be that he's more powerful than Master Leighton?
  • Vladimir stopped himself from thinking too much about it out of fear. Instead, he prayed that the Five Lightning Talisman would be able to kill Alex.
  • Bam!
  • The fourth lightning struck, and the two elders took more than ten steps backward in response to it. They were afraid of getting hurt by the strong lightning.
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