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Chapter 846 No Way Out

  • In that short period of time, countless ideas on how to escape from the space in the circle appeared in Alex's mind. Sh*t! I have to get out of here! There's no way I'll stand and wait for my doom! Even if he was strong, he could sense how dangerous Lightning Tribulation was.
  • At first, he planned to break the invisible shield of the space and get out. However, he quickly thought of another way after that plan failed. The second way was to dig a hole and escape before the lightning struck.
  • Alex then noticed that he was completely trapped even when he tried to dig. He had no way out.
  • With that, Alex sat down and prepared himself mentally for the lightning. It seems that I can't dodge these lightning strikes this time. Fine! Since I can't escape, I'll just brace through them! I doubt that this half-*ssed Grandmaster can kill me with them. If I died because of that, then I'm not a real Grandmaster.
  • Alex watched the sky as it grew darker and waited patiently for the lightning to strike. Suddenly, lightning in the shape of a dragon came at him.
  • In the face of such a sudden blast of lightning, Alex had no other choice but to conjure his energy to hold against it.
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