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Chapter 840 Totem Of Electric

  • What he saw made Alex stunned to his core. As a matter of fact, Alex almost wanted to retch where he stood.
  • The voices came from a hot spring a short distance away from him, and in that hot spring were a group of men serving another old man who looked like he was in his sixties.
  • Some were massaging his thighs, and some were massaging his shoulders. The old man was absorbed in his world of enjoyment as the handsome men around him served him. At the same time, he had a man in his arms as well.
  • That old man was none other than Leight Sect's Tris. Upon hearing footsteps, he opened his eyes. The moment he saw Alex, his eyes lit up, and he shoved all the other men around him aside.
  • “Babe, you must be new. Why are you still standing there? Take off your clothes quickly and join us!” Tris urged before letting his eyes drift across Alex's body. Then, a lustful look crossed his face.
  • Alex was not disgusted by gay relationships, but it was another thing for him to accompany that old man.
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