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Chapter 838 Chosen

  • When Eve, who was begging Zack to accept her again, saw the people from the secret forces, she quickly wiped away the tears in her eyes.
  • She had come with Cory after spending a million in hopes of joining the secret forces. Back then, Cory was tired of queueing, so Eve was the one to register. Hence, she still had the registration form with her.
  • Since Cory was already sent to the hospital, it meant that the registration form worth a million would be hers. If anyone from the secret forces was interested in her, she would be getting a great deal from the incident.
  • With that thought in mind, a smile appeared on Eve's face. That foolish Zack. I've already lowered myself to beg you, but you still refuse to be with me again. Men are all useless people. It seems like it's best to rely only on myself.
  • “Zack, I've already lowered myself to beg you, but you still rejected me. Do you really think that I'll spend the rest of my life with a damn fatty like you?” As she spoke, she waved the registration form in Zack's face before gleefully continuing, “Even if you manage to get into the secret forces, you'll only be a cook. You'll only be a servant. I, on the other hand, will be a different case.”
  • Nevertheless, Zack was unfazed by her words. In fact, he was even surer in his decision—nothing he did would change her anymore.
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