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Chapter 834 Bringing Backup

  • When Zack turned around, he saw dozens of people coming down from the dozens of cars a short distance away. Every one of them was either holding batons or cleavers, and they were all storming toward his direction.
  • The people who were there to watch the show hastily took several steps back when they spotted the newcomers. They were afraid that they would be one of the casualties caught up in the scene.
  • “Seriously? I never thought that Cory would get so many people. The one who kicked Cory earlier is now doomed!”
  • “No matter how skillful you are in combat, you're nothing in the face of a cleaver. Once those batons and cleavers land on you, you'll be as good as a dead man! Those two are doomed for sure now.”
  • “Even if these people were to take turns kicking once, they'll still kill these two. These two sure are unfortunate. They shouldn't have crossed the rich people if they couldn't afford to. See? Now they've brought backup!”
  • The crowd was certain that Alex and Zack would not escape those people's attack unscathed.
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