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Chapter 829 Wimpy Cuckold

  • “Lad, it's been me speaking all this while that I even forgot to ask you for your name.” Zack rubbed his head embarrassingly with a pudgy hand.
  • “My name is Alex Jefferson,” Alex stated, flashing him a friendly smile.
  • He had a pretty good impression of the man who was artless and honest.
  • “Alex, how about we go together as we're both planning to look for those deities from the secret forces? We'll have a friend in each other. I'm going where it used to be the Grant residence in Lumenopolis to apply for a job as a chef to the deities of the Leight Sect. Would you like to try your luck as well?” Zack offered warmly.
  • Surprise flooded Alex when he heard the Grant residence in Lumenopolis and the Leight Sect, having not expected such serendipity. He agreed readily.
  • “Sure! I'll go with you, Zack!”
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