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Chapter 828 How Foolish

  • Richard wasn't of the martial arts world, so he didn't know much about the details. He merely told Alex that the group of people who appropriated the Grant residence electrocuted the Grant family's security personnel with a light touch to the point that they passed out.
  • In the face of such bizarre means, the members of the Grant family who wanted to fight back all passed out after being electrocuted, including Richard himself. He only regained consciousness after being unconscious for a whole day and night.
  • The area where Garett and Richard currently lived was pretty isolated, not within the borders of Lumenopolis. For that reason, Alex could only take a bus to Lumenopolis to check out the situation there.
  • In such an isolated place, there was only one bus to Lumenopolis, and the fare was merely twenty each trip.
  • After boarding the bus, Alex planned to take a nap. But just when he had closed his eyes, a middle-aged man sat down beside him.
  • The seats on the bus were all twin seats. As soon as the man sat down, Alex found it rather cramped as he was just too plump, appearing to weigh over two hundred pounds.
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