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Chapter 826 Debt Of Gratitude

  • “I'm really sorry, Mr. Jefferson. Even if I were hale and hearty currently, I'm afraid I wouldn't have the money to treat you to a meal now that the Greaves family has been destroyed, much less in my present condition...” Garett lamented in an exceedingly weak voice.
  • Right that moment, Garett could seemingly feel a hand clutching his neck tightly that even breathing posed a difficulty. It was as though a massive boulder sat on his chest, and he felt like he would die anytime.
  • Alex said nothing but helped him up from the bed into a sitting position. He rotated his palm before gently placing it onto the man's back.
  • He slowly turned his palm, infusing the Mortal Force within him into Garett. Subsequently, he forcefully slammed his palm onto the man's back.
  • The instant he did that, Garett spat out a mouthful of black blood, staining the covers draped over him.
  • At that precise moment, the door suddenly swung open. Micah, who had some food in his hands, froze in shock at the sight before his eyes. He didn't quite know what to do.
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