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Chapter 825 At The End Of The Road

  • “Mr. Jefferson, I'm not calling to seek help from you but to meet up with you. You've done too many things for the Greaves family. I don't have much longer to live, so I'd like to see you for the last time. I wonder if you can spare the time, Mr. Jefferson?”
  • On the phone, Garett's voice was a tad weak. It was as though uttering those words had already taken all the energy he had left.
  • Surprise swamped Alex. Despite having suffered a beating at the hands of the secret forces back then, he should have recovered after consuming the pill I gave him. Why does he seem so frail now?
  • “Why are you so weak right now, Mr. Greaves? Did something happen? Don't hold back with me,” Alex queried in puzzlement.
  • On the other end of the phone, Garett chuckled. However, Alex could sense a bleakness to it through the sound alone.
  • “Mr. Jefferson, you've done too much for the Greaves family, so I can't trouble you anymore. I'm calling this time just to see you for the final time before I die. I'm truly blessed to have met such a noble person like you. Alas, the Greaves family hasn't been able to do anything for you. Verily, I feel sorry about that.”
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