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Chapter 819 Do Not Call Me Master

  • “You must have bought one of everything, Dad.” Alex gazed in amazement at the small mountain of toys at the cashier.
  • Waving an airy hand, Zachary replied, “I had to. I'm meeting my grandson for the first time, and I don't know what Stanley likes! I hope he would be able to find something he enjoys with this many toys to choose from.”
  • Alex gave a dry chuckle as he was debating whether or not he should inform his father about his other child. There'll be another heap of toys when he finds out about Emmalyn.
  • Alex decided against it after some consideration. Instead, he opted for it to be a surprise.
  • It was when the Jefferson men were about to head to their car after paying that Alex felt the sensation of being followed. Whipping around without warning, he found the catwoman staring in their direction.
  • Panicked, the catwoman yelped as she frantically attempted to conceal herself. Obviously, it was to no avail, for Alex was already striding toward her. Before, she could follow him for days without being noticed with the help of her feline instincts.
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