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Chapter 817 Save Her

  • Any ordinary man would have leaped at the catwoman's proposal had they been in Alex's shoes and possessed the condensed jade.
  • As Alex studied her, he could not help but noticed that her beauty differed from Maggie's. Maggie was sweet and pure, like an angel who descended into a realm that did not deserve her.
  • The catwoman, on the other hand, embodied the ideal archetype of most men—sultry and confident. Her presence was as intoxicating as a drug, and only a single instance of contact was required to send most men off the path of rationality to do her bidding.
  • “Sorry.” Alex shrugged. “I don't have the condensed jade anymore. Wish I could help.” Pitiful as her circumstances were, he did not think it was wise to lend a total stranger something so valuable. Besides, the jade had already been absorbed by him.
  • The catwoman's eyes flashed murderously at his blunt refusal before she retracted her gaze.
  • Opting for a different tactic to deal with his reluctance, she leaped into his arms. “Oh, Master,” she purred. “I will be yours forever if you could just lend me your jade. I'll only have nine more years left to live if you won't save me!”
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