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Chapter 813 Shop For Clothing

  • Alex could not bring Zachary to the mall with the latter dressed so peculiarly, so he brought his father home for a shower and had the latter change into his clothes.
  • Their frames were similar, so his clothing fitted Zachary well.
  • “Dad, do you want to go to the barber first or get some clothes first?” Alex inquired.
  • “Clothing first. The one I'm wearing is not to my taste. I feel awkward in this outfit.” Zachary began stretching out of the blue. Even though the clothes he had on were casual attire, it still made him uncomfortable.
  • Zachary was not used to wearing casual wear. He was the person who brought the Jeffersons to where they were, so his usual attire was more formal, giving others a stern vibe.
  • Since Alex was buying for his father, he would not be stingy about it. He brought Zachary to a branded men's wear clothing store.
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