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Chapter 809 Stronger Together

  • Noche was bewildered at the sight of Alex speeding toward them. He sputtered, “Y-You! I-Impossible! How are you still alive?”
  • Noche had prided himself in his silver needles, which had taken decades to craft and strengthen. Three silver needles were more than enough to kill a Grandmaster in minutes.
  • Of course, it remained challenging to make all his shots given a Grandmaster's agility. Otherwise, Noche's silver needles would have been invincible. Rosso had not, however, allowed Alex any room to dodge the silver needles. Noche was sure he saw eleven silver needles pierce Alex's body earlier.
  • Being struck by eight silver needles resulted in instantaneous death. Alex's survival was unthinkable, as was the fact that he seemed completely unharmed by the fatal attack.
  • Noche was so stunned that he remained frozen to the spot, immersed in self-doubt regarding his abilities. He was so absorbed in his thoughts that he forgot to remind Rosso and Vito that Alex was alive.
  • Alex moved quickly, arriving behind Rosso in a flash. He brought his fist down on the back of Rosso's head.
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