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Chapter 807 The Jade Finds Its Owner

  • Noche piped up, “Rosso, I struck him with eleven silver needles. There's no way he could survive that. All that's left to do is to subdue Zachary!”
  • A Grandmaster would struggle to overcome the fatal effects of just three silver needles, let alone eleven. The needles would cause immense pain throughout the body and attack the heart.
  • Even the strongest abilities could not shield one against the damage of eleven silver needles, which would puncture the heart beyond repair.
  • Rosso and Vito trusted Noche's claims implicitly. Hence, they ignored Alex, who was lying unconscious after coughing up a mouthful of blood. They decided to focus their attention on defeating Zachary.
  • “You have no chance of escaping, Zachary!” Rosso declared. “Your son has died for you. It's high time you stopped being so stubborn and surrendered to us!”
  • “Alex is dead?” Zachary stared at Alex's unconscious figure in the corner of the room, and he clenched his fists with such force that his knuckles rattled.
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