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Chapter 801 Hell Money

  • Engrossed in his glee, Horace Hernandez did not notice someone approaching. He continued chatting happily with Alex, regarding the man as a money tree.
  • All the projects he mentioned previously were all made up in hopes of hoodwinking some investment money from the man before he absconded. When that happened, Alex could only put the blame on the Jones family when he could not find him. Then, he could also have his revenge on them for beating him and his son up.
  • Before this, they felt it was already better than good if they managed to dupe someone of a hundred million. They never expected Alex to be a rich idiot who actually wanted to invest five billion. That was an unexpected windfall for them.
  • “So, you're here, Horace! I've been looking for you all over the place!” Tigris remarked mildly, his expression inscrutable.
  • When Horace heard the familiar voice, he snapped his head back. The second he saw that it was Tigris, he blinked relentlessly, signaling the latter not to reveal their acquaintance.
  • Tigris strode over to him without a word and struck him hard across the face. Still enraged, he slapped the man three times consecutively before he finally stopped.
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