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Chapter 730 It Is Just Jetroina

  • Haruko refused to give in. They said they only wanted to buy a divine pill. Since when did they say they want to buy all the stocks?
  • She would never give in to Alex's atrocious demand.
  • Besides, no outsiders were involved in the ten-billion bet they made earlier other than Alex, Takeshi, and herself. Since there was no evidence against her, Haruko would not admit to the allegation.
  • Ten billion on those pills is just crazy! I wouldn't even spend over ten million on them!
  • “Eighty million is my final offer. Take it or leave it. If you dare lay your finger on me, the Tokugawa family will not let you off easily!” she warned. It was as if she did not realize Alex was in control of her life and death. Making such a threat could be a fatal move for her.
  • Flynn was about to explode with rage. He did not see this coming at all, as he initially thought the woman was Alex's lover.
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