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Chapter 687 I Will Redress The Balance

  • The situation was getting inflamed, and six to seven security guards at the shopping mall even came over and surrounded Auriel with tasers in their hands.
  • The woman scrambled to get up from the floor when she saw the guards around her. She collected herself and complained to the guards, “She stole my money and hit me. She even hurled threats at me.”
  • None of the security guards thought a girl like Auriel was capable of a crime like this.
  • One of them proceeded to put a pair of handcuffs on her as they waited for the police to arrive so someone could bail her out, but before they could even lay a finger on her, she retaliated, to their surprise.
  • It did not take long before Auriel took down two of the security guards.
  • This completely changed their view of the girl. The others quickly switched on their tasers.
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