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Chapter 470 Site Visit

  • Witnessing the magic of the Pill of Longevity again, Maggie went to bed holding the pill that she had privately kept for herself, feeling inexplicably warm in her heart.
  • Early the next morning, Maggie returned to Nebula City from Lumenopolis. She had already made an appointment with Alex to pick up the car at the auto show today, and she couldn’t miss the opportunity of riding in a top sports car with Alex.
  • After arriving at Nebula City with great excitement, Maggie touched up her makeup before calling Alex.
  • “Mr. Jefferson, the auto show is about the begin. Where are you? I’ll pick you up,” Maggie said softly as soon as the call was connected.
  • “I’m sorry, Ms. Grant. The project has been approved, and I’ve promised to treat Benjamin to a meal. I’m gonna have to say no to the auto show.” Alex’s apologetic voice sounded from the other end of the line.
  • “Oh, I see. Well, the project is more important. We’ll go and collect the car some other day then.” Maggie was a little disappointed inside, but thinking that the tech dome project had received its seal of approval, she simply shrugged it off.
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