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Chapter 46 Combat

  • Alex looked at James who was still lying on the ground howling, then he looked at the middle-aged man.
  • The man’s name was Freddie Moore and Alex knew that he wasn’t the strongest in the Jefferson family.
  • “I didn’t think a b*stard like you would be shrewd enough to escape to a small remote city like Nebula City. No wonder we couldn’t find you for the last eight years,” Freddie said to Alex with a hint of mischief in his eyes.
  • “Oh really? Didn’t you stop to think about why I dared to expose my identity?” Alex snorted.
  • “Anyone who is used to living like a prince wouldn’t be able to accept having to live like a pauper suddenly. Like I said, you would use the money sooner or later, and once you do, your identity will be exposed,” said Freddie mockingly.
  • Alex smirked, then changed the topic, “Has it not crossed your mind that Susan sent you to Nebula City to meet your death?”
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