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Chapter 149 Digging Your Own Grave

  • Lori was cranky and in a bad mood. When she saw Alex, whom she thought was an average security guard, she vented all her anger on him.
  • Alex glanced at Lori, then, his brows snapped together as he said, “I was leaning against this tree and didn’t move at all. You were the one who bumped into me. Aren’t you the blind one?”
  • “You trash! You didn’t watch where you’re going and ran into me. How dare you talk back to me!” Lori reprimanded him.
  • Her voice was so loud that she attracted the attention of the other parents nearby.
  • Some parents even came near and surrounded them.
  • “Everyone, I’m sure you can see for yourself. This live-in son-in-law of the Jennings family bumped into me, but he accused me of doing so. Don’t you all think that’s unreasonable?”
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