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  • Tessa's POV
  • I would never have hurt Aidan's baby, I wasn't that cruel. Besides, the baby had an innocent look and I would never have hurt her because of what her father had done to me.
  • I did what I did so I could get Aidan's attention and I can finally use the opportunity to have him to myself and probably lie that my pregnancy is his. I never knew this is where it would land me. I never knew I would be considered a criminal.
  • I kept telling them that I am pregnant but no one seems to be listening to my lamentations. I know my father won't help me, he is mad at me and I am sure he has already disowned me by now. I don't know who I am pregnant for and I tried guessing if it is for Damien, William, or Trevor, or even the guy I had sex with at the party.
  • One of my boys betrayed me and brought them to the house where I hid them. I had no other options left so hosting them in the mansion was the only way out, so as not to incur the wrath of my father when he came back home and I wasn't home. I called the boys that I worked with years back to deal with Alex to help.
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