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Chapter 31

  • Tessa's POV
  • I am now a prodigal child. It is just for a few days, I know my dad will come looking for me soon. He is going to beg me to come back home. At least this will give me another chance to enjoy the best gift of life before going back home where dad's watchful eyes will be hovering over me like a hen watching over its chick.
  • Ever since he brought up the idea of me becoming the CEO, he has been watching my every move and cautioning me to play safe so I can win the votes of the shareholders of his company. I ain't interested in the shit. It is as boring as f***.
  • If only I can always get a good f*** from one of dad's employees from the office, maybe it will be worth it then but no, I doubt it. 
  • They are all dressed in suits and stupid ties. Aidan is the only man I like seeing in suits and ties, the rest are morons, except of course my dad.
  • After crying for a while, I get up from the bed and move to the bathroom to take a cold bath. After bathing, I put on my clothes and I see a paper on the nightstand. I move towards it and pick it up.
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