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Chapter 20

  • Anna's POV
  • I stir in my sleep, remembering I have an errand to run for mom. I've been absent from school for more than a week now. I have been sick. Today is Friday and I have been doing nothing all day but to sleep.
  • I stretch with a yawn and turn to check the clock. It is 6 pm already.
  • "Shit", I scramble out of my bed. Mom asked me to go get groceries, we are out of milk, eggs, and bread. These past few days, I have been taking more milk than usual and we have no more milk in the house anymore.
  • I spend most of the time alone at home, doing absolutely nothing. I am always sleeping or watching a movie. I did nothing today other than take a bath and sleep after taking lunch. 
  • I intended to take a nap for a few minutes before going to the grocery shop, a few distances away from here. It is quite near, so I don't need to take a cab.
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