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  • Aidan's POV
  • Mother's scolding bruised my ego and the fact that she is asking me to apologize to Anna. I have no idea how to do that.
  • Thinking about it is making me annoyed and I wish there is an alternative. I know there is not and I just need to do what my mother has requested of me. I made a vow to myself when I was little that I was going to make her happy by doing whatever she wants.
  • That is why I still haven't got her out of the house. She can be stubborn at times. She doesn't want to leave the house and I have decided to let her be if that will make her happy.
  • I take a deep breath and get up. I sat still for a while after she left, thinking about what she said to me. I am not doing all of this because I want to be a replica of my father, I am doing this because this was what Anna signed up for with her mother.
  • They are the ones making me do this. I see no reason why the mother will blame herself. She asked me to marry Anna but Evelyn also did too because she wanted money.
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