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  • Aidan's POV
  • This is all my fault, I pushed her into the arms of another man. I rejected what she was offering me, her heart and she went in search of someone who would take it gladly. I didn't realize the kind of pure heart Anna has until now, I didn't realize the kind of woman she is until now.
  • Despite her broken heart, she kept pushing to gain entrance into my heart but I kept shoving her back, making her feel rejected and unwanted. This is all my fault but I don't know if I can survive losing her.
  • She is the reason I survived this accident in the first place. I remember the man that pushed me, he kept telling me to go back to Anna.
  • I know I am a bad person, if only I am good, I would have told Anna to go back to Tony and accept his proposal so they can be happy together but I am not good. I am selfish and I want to be selfish till the end, I can't let her go.
  • I pull her to me in an embrace. "It's ok. Everything is ok and fine."
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