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  • Anna's POV
  • I am in deep shit, I mutter inwardly, as I increase my pace, trying to run away from the bitch. I thought she had gone into hiding when I didn't see her after the award night but I got to know I was wrong when she came to the mansion to look for me after Lily's birth. I didn't allow the maids to let her in and here she is again.
  • I never knew she works here too, I wouldn't have come looking for Tony. He asked me to come so we could grab lunch together. Since Lily was asleep in the nanny's room and I was bored being at home, I decided to come over to his work so we could talk and eat at the company's cafeteria.
  • Something beautiful is already springing up between Tony and me and I am damn scared this bitch will ruin it. I am less concerned about Aidan getting to know, my fear is Tony.
  • I haven't been able to summon up the courage to tell him I am married to a man I don't love. I haven't been able to tell him about my baby. He hasn't asked me either and I hope he doesn't ever ask. I have a feeling Tony thinks I went for abortion as I mentioned the day he heard the conversation between Pam and me.
  • Tony and I have become closer over the months. I didn't want to meet with him because of my pregnancy, I didn't want to push him away with my situation. He insisted on meeting with me but I kept postponing our meeting till a week after Lily's arrival. I was so glad Lily came before graduation day, I wonder what I would have told Tony.
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