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  • Aidan's POV
  • I would have gone back to the bar I was at last night if only I wasn't this tired and hungry. I remember I ate nothing last night and this morning too, I only ate a few snacks as lunch and the sex with that blonde was something else.
  • She reminded me of Tessa, she was wild in bed, just like Tessa. She wouldn't let me be. But this morning when she requested money, I remembered her instantly. She was the whore I brought into this same house months ago before Anna and I got married.
  • I gave her some money and told her never to come back. I was glad I used protection, I wouldn't have brought her in if only I knew she was a slut. I don't like girls like that. Knowing who they are turns me off.
  • I swing my briefcase tiredly and drag my feet to the door, the moment I came out of the car. I am pretty tired and I want to go to bed after having dinner. I just hope Anna isn't waiting for me like she did yesterday. I was surprised to see her in the living room. I figured out that she has resumed the role of waiting for me.
  • Even though I was so mad at her last night, I couldn't tell her what she did and why I was pissed at her. I just thought letting her know her place was the best. I just wish she can stop all of this and let us live in peace as strangers and not as couples.
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