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Chapter 18

  • Tessa's POV
  • I had just moved past the receptionist who was requesting for this month's salary from me. I rolled my eyes at her. She has not provided me with any tangible information for the past two months now and she is expecting me to still pay her.
  • I told her I was going to get back to her. I need to see Aidan first.
  • I want to take the lift to his office when I bump into an elderly woman. I left home in a bad mood and I am here with the hope that the news I got from my father is untrue.
  • "Hey, watch where you are going", she yells at me.
  • I wanted to apologize before she said that. But the yelling piss me off. "Watch where you are going too, old woman." I retort back and enter the elevator. 
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