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Chapter 40

  • Evelyn's POV
  • I didn't meet Anna at home. I feel it is time to tell her about Aidan since he has plans on coming to see her. I want her to know about what I did before he comes. 
  • The excitement I was feeling from work is suddenly replaced with worry. I don't know what Anna will think of everything, I don't know if she will understand my reasons and I don't know if she will be pleased.
  • I guess I will have to keep the divorce after 6 years of marriage which Aidan told me about to myself for now. I know if I tell Anna, she will not listen to any more things I have to say. I don't even know if she is going to agree to the marriage yet.
  • I begin to pace the room, thinking of how to present it to her and what she will think and say of it. I haven't figured it out when the door opens and she comes in. She looks pretty in her maroon dress and I wonder what type of party she went to.
  • "Evening, mom", she greets and slumps to the sofa, placing her purse on the table.
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