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  • Anna's POV
  • I am still here, in Aidan's mansion, with my baby. We have been avoiding each other ever since that night. It seems to me like he is the one avoiding me the most, he sneaks in and out of the house without me knowing.
  • I know I am not supposed to slap Aidan but I felt he deserved it for so many reasons. First, for kissing me and wanting me to believe what Pam said. Second, for all the pains he had caused me and my mother. I believe the slap is nowhere near half of what he has done to us.
  • That night, when I entered the house after slapping him, I got a call from my mother and she was seriously crying over the phone. I went back outside immediately. Aidan was still in his car and he kept asking me where I was going. I didn't answer him.
  • I called my driver out and he drove me to my mother's house. Mother was in a consolable state and I kept asking her what the matter was, she couldn't tell me until she stopped crying. I felt sorry for her and guilty. I totally forgot I had the intention of visiting her that day but I guess the fake date Pam and Richard organized for me and Aidan made me forget about my intention. I guess my mind was clouded by anger and confusion, I wasn't thinking straight.
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