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  • Aidan's POV
  • My family is complete now and my joy knows no bounds. It is as if the kidnap never happened. Sometimes, I feel like spending the whole day watching Lily play, sleep or giggle, but I can't do that all day.
  • I realize Lily only has my eyes but she has a striking resemblance with her mother.
  • Anna and I had gone out this morning to visit Tony and I wanted Lily and her nanny to come with us but Anna protested. Tony was surprised to see us but he invited us in anyway. I have no idea why I followed Anna until I got there. Tony was truly hurt and I realized a man like that can do anything.
  • I apologized to him for my behavior the other day and explained things to Tony. I didn't want him to see Anna as a bad woman so I told him I was the one who gave her the right to date other men while we were married. It was after she began to go out with him that it dawned on me that I might lose Anna to him and I didn't want it because I loved her and I had refused to admit it to myself.
  • He shifted his gaze to Anna and asked her if she loved me too and she nodded. I heaved a deep sigh of relief and held her hands in appreciation and happiness.
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