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  • Aidan's POV
  • Lily brought back my memories before I even remembered who I was.
  • I was able to figure out that the lady beside me is my wife. She had collapsed after I asked her who she was and her long face broke into a smile the moment I called Lily.
  • The moment I called Lily her name, everything came back. I remembered everything, work, my problems, my mother, and my relationship with Anna.
  • Our relationship is kind of unique and different from other people's relationship. There was no courtship, no dating, no love before marriage, and no hope for the future of our marriage, we just ventured into it, to get what we want and when it is time to leave, we will get divorced and that will be the end of our relationship.
  • I would call our relationship backward love because of how it started. We started by making a baby, getting married, and falling in love, instead of falling in love, getting married, and making babies.
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