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Chapter 42

  • Aidan's POV
  • I wake up with a banging headache. I groan and flutter my eyes open. The sun seeping into the room makes me shut my eyes back the moment I open it. My eyes hurt. After a while of keeping it shut, I open it again.
  • I see a feminine hand wrapped around my body and I turn to my side to see the girl beside me sleeping soundly. I suddenly remember what happened last night, how I brought the girl from the party to my villa.
  • I sigh heavily and pick up my phone from the stand to see the time. It is past 8 am already. I curse silently and throw the girl's arms away together with my phone before jumping down from the bed.
  • I pick up my phone again to check if there is any message from Chloe but there is none. The girl stirs in her sleep and I realize I don't even know her name. I didn't bother to ask for her name, we only went straight to business.
  • I rush into the bathroom to take a bath, thinking of what excuse to give to Roland. I don't even know if he is coming for an appointment today or not. Chloe did not call to tell me if she was able to fix another appointment for today or not.
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