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Chapter 45

  • Tessa's POV
  • I had sneaked out when I woke up to see Damien sleeping beside me. I was lucky to get a cab right outside his home which dropped me off in Zoe's apartment. 
  • I had to go out without letting Damien know because of how strange he was acting and the strange words coming out of him lastnight. I am not the type of girl to be serious when it comes to relationships but ever since I saw Aidan, I knew I wanted him and I was willing to let go of my wayward lifestyle.
  • Now that Damien is in the picture, I have no idea what and how I am feeling about it. But one thing is for sure. I enjoyed the night with him.
  • My $1000 dress was worth the night with him. I enjoyed myself and right now, I am exhausted. I need to take a hot bath and go back to bed.
  • I march to the door of Zoe's home and knock gently, hoping she is home. I want to rest for a while in her place before finding a hotel close by to stay in before I get my father's call of apology. I wonder why he hasn't called yet.
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