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  • Anna's POV
  • I have two fathers? How is that even possible? How can I have two fathers? One of them has to be my biological father.
  • I couldn't wait for the next day to get my answers so I went out to the car after leaving Aidan in his room. I am fucking pissed at him. I was already in my pajamas when he arrived and I didn't bother to go change before coming here. Mother is in a straight skirt with a maroon peplum top.
  • I sit with numbness staring at her but her sob jerks me out of my reverie. A tear trickles down her eyes and I find myself unable to ask her why I have two fathers.
  • My head is blank and I can't seem to find an answer to the question myself. Instead of answers, more questions were arising.
  • Is it possible for two men to father a child? Was my mother cheating on my father? Was she dishonest with him? How did she end up with two men in her life?
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