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  • Anna's POV
  • I couldn't summon up the courage to call mother as Tony suggested until this morning. I apologized to her and she said nothing. I tried calling her again to ask if she is home so I can visit her before Tony comes to pick me up but her number wasn't going through.
  • I gave up after a while and spent time with Lily. I fed and bathed her myself before going to get ready for my date. I hope nothing will disrupt my date today, unlike yesterday. I also hope Tony won't ask me anything concerning the apology.
  • I take my time to look good tonight. I put the Lavender dress over my head, after rubbing the lotion on my body and wearing my pants and bra. The dress flowed below my feet and I put on diamond earrings with a matching necklace.
  • I put on light make-up and wear strappy diamond heels. The horn of the car outside notifies me of Tony's presence. He is always right on time. I feel there is no need for a purse, so I pick up my phone only and stroll out.
  • He isn't outside today, he is inside the car, behind the wheels. I didn't bother to tell Tania bye, I know she will only roll her eyes in reply. She doesn't like Tony, she says.
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