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  • Anna's POV
  • Feeling guilty is an understatement of what I feel right now. I begin to weep again when I stare at Aidan's lifeless body on the hospital bed with oxygen and different kinds of tubes attached to his face and body.
  • I have been crying and praying for him to wake up so I can tell him I am sorry and he is forgiven. I want him to look at me again.
  • I want him to beg me to listen to him again. I wish I could go back in time to the day he was hit by an unknown car, I would have acted differently. I wouldn't have been so stubborn to listen to him if I had known this would happen.
  • I wish I had listened to him and swallowed my pride by entering his car so he could drive us home. I should have been patient enough for us to be home before speaking back at him and acting childish by racing on the street.
  • Why didn't the car hit me instead? Why does it have to be Aidan who has gone through so much pain already?
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