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  • Aidan's POV
  • I have never had sex in the bathroom with any girl, not even Paige. I believe I am always in a hurry to have it done with the other girls I have had a nightstand with.
  • I had sex with Anna in the bathroom and it was amazing. I love her every fucking moment and every time we make love.
  • We are going back to the mansion today. I wanted to make coming here special so I decided that we should spend a week here, enjoying the blissful moment of our reconciliation and my recuperation. I am as strong as a horse now and even though the bandage is still on my head. The doctor asked me to come to take it off tomorrow.
  • I can begin work fully starting tomorrow. I miss my baby Lily and I can't wait to see her again.
  • I am going to plan our vacation before the month ends. I want Anna and I to re-pronounce our vows and have a real honeymoon. What we did here is just a mini-honeymoon, I want us to have a great one that she will never forget. I want everything to be special for her and make her feel special.
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