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Chapter 32

  • Evelyn's POV
  • Boss came home early today. He arrived around past 6 pm and he asked me to cook dinner, he was hungry. 
  • I always wait for him to come back from work so I can cook his dinner before going home. He hates eating cold meals and my job is to cook and serve him hot meals. I work for him alone.
  • My job isn't a difficult one, even when I am in the house waiting for his arrival, I do nothing other than watch movies like it's my home. Pamela and I chat whenever she is home but I notice she isn't always around these days. I wonder where she goes.
  • I usually cook his breakfast and dinner, but on weekends when he is home, I also cook him a light lunch. He takes coffee only on Mondays but my early morning work starts on Tuesdays. He usually leaves for work by 8 am, I have to resume early to cook his meal, serve him so he can eat before going to work. 
  • On Fridays, he goes to work late and comes back early. He leaves for work by 9 am and comes back at 5 pm which allows me to go home early also. On usual days, he arrives home by 8 pm or 9 pm.
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