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Chapter 39

  • Damien's POV
  • Her back hits the wall and she chuckles. I wonder what kind of girl she is. I take her lips without thinking too much of the reason for her laughter. I am trying to torture her before having sex with her but she seems to be enjoying all the things I have been doing to her from the dance floor.
  • I was trying to get her horny so she can crave my touch but she is patient enough for me to want her too. I can no longer take in the sight of her boobs without touching them. 
  • I want to have a taste of everything Aidan has tasted. I want to know what it will feel like to be inside her, his woman. I wanted him to see me digging into her as she screams. I want to prove a point to him, a point that I am better than him in all areas, and having sex with Tessa is just the beginning.
  • After telling me her name, she begins to rock her body on mine, forgetting all about her friend who is also enjoying the night in the arms of another man. 
  • I came to the party to dance with Tessa and seduce her to have sex with me. But she seems easy. I don't even need to seduce her for long to get what I want.
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