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  • Tessa's POV
  • "Aidan is married?" I open my mouth in disbelief.
  • I can't believe he eventually married that low-life girl. I thought something will happen and he will realize she is not his type of girl but the message before me proves otherwise.
  • "Congratulations, Aidan is married to Anna Gomez", it reads.
  • Damien sent me the message. He has been calling me for half an hour now but I did not pick up his calls. He sent the message instead and I can't believe it.
  • Is this a prank to make me pick his call? I ask myself but after waiting for some minutes for his call to come in and it didn't. Now I know the purpose of his call. He was calling to taunt me. To make a mockery of me by informing me of Aidan's marriage.
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