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Chapter 15

  • Evelyn's POV
  • I walk elegantly into the company, wearing one of the dresses Pamela got for me during the shopping she did with my daughter, Anna the other day. 
  • I have been home since that day trying to figure out how to meet with the so-called youngest billionaire and womanizer. I have been thinking of what to say to him and how to convince him to do my bidding.
  • I see no reason why I should allow my daughter to go on with the abortion, I only suggested it in the first place because I was having a feeling that I will lose my job soon. I didn't want Anna to give birth to a baby despite our poverty-stricken situation.
  • My boss was requesting an affair and I rejected the offer, he began to mistreat me at work and that led to me losing my job. 
  • People say I am proud, yes I am, even though I don't have money. I know what is right from what is wrong and I don't take shits.
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