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  • Aidan's POV
  • "Boss?" I feel someone tapping me. I groan and sit up, before opening my eyes to see Natalie. I can't believe I slept here on the sofa. My face becomes red with embarrassment, I am in nothing but shorts.
  • "Pamela is inside already", she informs me. The memories of what happened last night came rushing and I feel ashamed of myself again.
  • I want to stand up and go to Anna's room to see if Pam has convinced her or not so I can call Evelyn to come and also my mother to come and plead on my behalf. I know she will definitely listen to one of them. I also need to call Chloe, I won't go to the office today. I am afraid Anna will use that opportunity to run away with my child.
  • "Boss?" Natalie stops me as I begin to walk towards Anna's room. She shakes her head. "I think you shouldn't go in now. I just woke you up so you can freshen up and go to work. It's almost 7 am."
  • I don't know why she doesn't want me to go in but I feel there must be a reason.
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