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  • Aidan's POV
  • I had a long day at work today. My work has increased ten folds now that I have new clients, new ideas that I want to work on before the year runs out.
  • Ever since the award night, I have always signed a new deal almost every week. I now have a personal assistant because of the workload. My personal assistant and the secretary now help me in reducing the loads of work I have to work on every week before the arrival of new ones.
  • I know I need a vacation but I can't go on one now. I have a lot to cover before then. I am also planning on launching my new innovative skill next week in Los Angeles. I have employed new workers for innovative ideas and they are really helping. I am also partnering with Madeline's steel manufacturing Industry and I have established a car company in Boston.
  • I release my tie the moment I get out of the car. I heave a sigh of relief for being home after a long day. I am a bit early today unlike the other days of the week. I have been getting home very late for the past three days now but today I am at home at exactly 10 pm.
  • I now work on Sundays too because I don't like staying at home with my wife... Anna. I mean I don't like the idea of staying home alone with her. We avoid each other like plague and the silence that engulfs our home anytime we are around each other is disturbing and makes me uncomfortable.
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