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Chapter 14

  • Aidan's POV
  • I walk up to my father's study upstairs after leaving my mother's room. When I get to the door, I hear laughter coming from inside. 
  • I knock on the door softly, pushing away the thoughts of the topic of marriage my mother had implanted in my head. 
  • I hear a loud "come in", before pushing the door open to enter. Father is sitting on his large mahogany desk filled with books and files and another man is sitting opposite him. They were talking and laughing before my knock interrupted them.
  • "Son", father beams and stands up to meet me. The man turns around in his chair to catch a glimpse of me. Father gets to my side and pats my shoulder in a friendly manner. 
  • I seethe and grit my teeth, stopping myself from punching him. His touch irritates me. I hate the fact that we look alike because I feel everyone will think we are the same. I am the younger version of my father, but I am more sympathetic than he is.
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