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  • Tessa's POV
  • This new lifestyle of mine is beginning to bore me to death. Being a good girl for more than 6 months and not having the time to sneak out to parties with Zoe is frustrating but I feel it is time to break free from my father's hold and watchful eyes.
  • I hate corporate outfits but I find myself wearing them for more than 5 months now.
  • I find myself going to work with dad every morning, just so I can appease him. It wasn't fun at first until I stumbled upon Williams and one other guy who is a new intake. Williams and I became really close and I began to feel coming to work is worth it as far as he keeps admiring my sexy dresses and shapes.
  • I now barely remember how depressed I was months ago about the humiliation that befell me but I guess I was able to get out of it because of how fast the videos and pictures about that night went off the media. I don't know if my father is the one responsible for doing that or Aidan but I am grateful to whoever did it. I don't know if I will still be able to show my face to the world if it had gone viral that I was dumped for a local girl.
  • I have come to terms with my hatred for men in suits. I like Williams too and he wears a suit almost every day. I like the way he worships my body like the most beautiful woman on earth, and he doesn't seize to tell me how beautiful I am.
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