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Chapter 16

  • Evelyn's POV
  • I move swiftly towards the direction of the office. Even if I don't want to do this, the thought of my daughter is giving me more courage to go on. Anna lost her father when she was just 5 years old and we have been feeding from hand to mouth. 
  • I do menial jobs just to make sure I put something on the table for my daughter. I love her and I would do everything within my power to see her become great. I believe this is the opportunity.
  • I get to the door and knock gently. There is no reply and I knock again, louder.
  • "Come in", a husky voice orders. He is speaking with a tone of authority and I can feel the reason why the receptionist seems scared of her boss. I push the door open. His eyes are fixed on his laptop.
  • "Hello Aidan Alvarez", I make my presence known, as I walk graciously to the seat opposite his desk, meant for guests. 
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