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Chapter 93 Successfully Meeting Him

  • Feng Kaize’s beautiful watery almond eyes instantly became wide and round.
  • “Shang Qing!!!”
  • He gripped Shang Qing’s arm with immense strength.
  • This was not the place to chit chat, so Shang Qing immediately wiped the smile off her face and clambered up, moving to one side under the cover of the gunfire.
  • Another rebel soldier blew himself up, and it was finally quiet on the enemy’s side. Youheng led his team to fire a round to make sure there were no more soldiers hiding, but it was obvious that Feng Kaize’s side had won. After making sure they were no longer in danger, Feng Kaize glared fiercely at the petite woman standing in front of him.
  • “What are you doing here?! How did you get here? Was it Sikong Jin?!”
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