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Chapter 158 Beat Down, then Encourage

  • Shang Qing wanted to punch him but held it in. She looked very seriously at him, and then looked back at the rest.
  • “Do all of you think the same way?”
  • The other eight people in the room looked conflicted. Li Wenxian laughed coldly when they didn’t say anything.
  • “Miss Shang, you’re a nice young lady, and I heard that you used to like Young Master Feng a lot before, but he didn’t like you back. Since you couldn’t become his fiancée, you ended up becoming his younger sister. I can understand why you want to save him, but this is the K virus we’re talking about! We’ve been unable to do anything about it for centuries now, so what makes you think that just the few of us will be able to find a cure before Young Master Feng succumbs to it? I admit that your blood has some useful antibodies, but so what? Unless you can find a special patient who can get the K virus but not die! For someone like Young Master Feng whose life depends on you, he won’t be able to take it if we even try anything on him!”
  • Shang Qing’s hands were clenched into fists. She was that person who could be infected but not die. Her blood proved to have some resistance, but once infected, the same old symptoms would appear, so nobody suspected she could be different from them.
  • The only special thing about herself was her constitution itself. She had trained and bathed in herbs for many years now, so she was different from the ordinary person.
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